• Accuracy

    edgescan security analysts are experts in vulnerability management and penetration testing. They manually verify all discovered security vulnerabilities, so our clients benefit from accurate (false positive free) vulnerability intelligence.
  • Cost Benefits/Return on Investment

    edgescan is a managed security service provider (MSSP) that can save your business significant costs. With edgescan, there is no need for hiring and training additional security staff, and no need to purchase further hardware or software licenses.
  • Continuity

    edgescan provides continuous or on-demand security assessments in a production safe manner so you can be assured your business is getting the coverage as required.

What is Full Stack Vulnerability Management?

  • Continuous Asset Profiling:

    edgescan™ H.I.D.E (Host Index Discovery & Enumeration) is a feature for all edgescan licenses. With fast network host discovery and asynchronous port scanning to help you identify and monitor assets and network changes.

    H.I.D.E supports service and OS detection and can generate alerts based on what you need to know.

  • Web Application Security Assessment:

    Validated web application security assessments on demand when you want them and scheduled as often as you need them.

    Recording of risk, trending and metrics on a continuous basis, all available via our rich dashboard for superior security intelligence.

  • Host/Server Security Assessment:

    Server Vulnerability Assessment covering over 90,000 CVE's. Designed to help ensure your deployment be it in the cloud or on premise is secure and configured securely.

    All vulnerabilities are validated and risk rated by experts and available via the dashboard to track and report on when required.

  • PCI Compliance:

    edgescan™ exceeds requirements of the PCI DSS by providing continuous, verified vulnerability assessments for both internal , public Internet facing websites and hosting environments.

    edgescan™ Advanced includes business logic and penetration testing required by the PCI DSS standard.

  • Fullstack Vulnerability Management™
  • What makes edgescan different?
  • API Integration
  • Industry Expertise

"edgescan™ Fullstack Vulnerability Management helps companies to get the most from their vulnerability scanning and management requirements. edgescan™ provides unparalleled vulnerability management & system visibility.

  • Continuous security testing
  • "Full-stack coverage" - Web applications/sites & hosting /cloud environments
  • False positive-free results
  • Highly Customisable reporting
  • 24/7 Governance Risk and Compliance Metrics
  • Continuous system visibility
  • Alerting & a Super Rich API for painless integration

The vulnerability management space has not changed much in the 20 years or so it has existed, until the last 5 years. New entrants to the market are pushing the boundaries and keeping ahead of the curve, with the now dynamic areas of DevOps and cloud becoming the norm. This means that vulnerability data needs to be actionable, accurate, valid and continuous.

edgescan provides:

  • Accuracy of data, with accountability and support
  • Ease of integration; "truly open API"
  • Continuous innovation into the DevSecOps workstream & cycle
  • Security Insight & Advisory
  • Continuity and visibility of vulnerable estate
  • Best in Class "full stack" vulnerability intelligence
  • Total cost of ownership - traditional consultancy Vs edgescan
  • Flexibility
API Integration

The API makes it very easy to incorporate edgescan™ into your ecosystem in order to correlate and reconcile, providing integration with both GRC and Bug Tracking Systems alike.

edgescan™ is built to provide up to date vulnerability intelligence to your all elements of your organisation. The Open API allows easy integration to existing and new business systems for a complete view of cyber risk and web security posture.

The edgescan™ API enables increased automation and interoperability within the key security metrics of established enterprise information security programmes.

Industry Expertise

We are experts in our field and in what we do. Our record speaks for itself. The edgescan™ service is virtually false positive free due to our hybrid approach of combining automated testing with manual validation done by our experts.

edgescan™ Fullstack Vulnerability Management helps companies to get the most from their vulnerability scanning and management requirements.

You get a service tailored to your specific needs and can be sure that you are following best practices by using experts in their own field.

You can focus your efforts on your core business while experts take care of vulnerability management

What users are saying about us
  • "Very useful and helpful – helped us find a lot of issues quickly and very cost effective for the benefit delivered for us."

    - CISO Financial Services, UK
  • "Great customer focused service, and the clear explanation of the results from pen tests has certainly made our life easier."

    - IT Architect, Legal Firm, UK&I
  • "Excellent service, quick response, efficient and unobtrusive. Highly recommended.

    - CISO Media Organisation, USA
  • "Apart from a strong technical platform, the key advantage edgescan™ seems to have over competitors is an ability to relate knowledge of the subject matter to real world actions...

    - Head of Application Security (Medical Organisation), Dublin, Ireland
  • ".. very successful service for us and has provided a focus to our teams to ensure we are constantly improving our security posture. Most importantly, being regular, it’s no longer just a once a year focus.

    - Gaming Client, EU

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