nodeº – Recycling Station

Product Code: 415-A


Manufactured by Taylor for Sturdy Products Ltd the nodeº- Recycling Station was specifically designed to help councils meet landfill diversion targets by boosting public participation in recycling.

The nodeº- Recycling Station’s modular, wheeled design enables it to be used in multiples from one to four quadrants around its locking post, thus allowing it to fit into confined corners, against walls or as a central feature in a public area. Each container detaches from the central locking post to become a wheeled bin that is emptied using the standard comb bar lifting mechanism on the refuse collection vehicle. Each container can also be chipped to work with pay-by-weight and ID systems, if required. The nodeº- Recycling Station has been purposely created to accommodate a wide variety of wastes including segregated and co-mingled recyclate. For increased security, the galvanised steel body offers protection from fire and vandalism. A security post fixed to a concrete base prevents any unauthorised movement.

The smart and secure modern design of the nodeº- Recycling Station makes it suitable for a variety of locations including rural landscapes and parks, town centres, bring sites, retail parks, sports stadiums and shopping centres.

As an optional extra your company name or logo can printed onto the body of the containers to help promote your company.

  • Width:1,320mm
  • Depth: 1,050mm (Per Section)
  • Height: 1,480mm
  • Total of 4.4m2 footprint
  • Capacity: 4 x 800Ltr containers
  • The bin body is manufactured from pressed galvanised steel which is then powder coated.
  • The plastic lid is manufactured from UV Stabilised Medium Density Polyethylene.
  • The U.V. Stabiliser has a rating of 12 (i.e. Heat Stabilised, Good Colour Retention, and Long Life Expectancy).
  • The colour is dry-blended into the material.
  • The bin comes complte with 2 swivel castor and 2 swivel braked castors.
  • The can be lifted using a comb lift.
  • Further details to follow
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