Sturdy Recycling Station – 1100Ltr


The Sturdy Recycling Station – 1100Ltr is ideal for shopping centres, amenity area and for use by local authorities.

The recycling station is designed to facilitate the locking in placce of a bank of 1100Ltr containers. Various models are available to accept 2 – 7 1100Ltr bins. An individual locking mechanism allows all bins to be locked separately in position. The recycling station design also incorporates a lid opening limiter which can ensure that the lid of the bin may not be opened or can be opened to a pre determined level.  A signage platform can also be incorporated.

All the lids can be locked and come with a key to operate the lid lock.  Various lid apertures are available for general waste, glass and plastic bottles and recycling.  Also various sizes wheeled waste containers are available from 660Ltr up to 1280Ltr.

The Recycling Station bins are available in a range of colours.

The signage which is an optional extra can incorporate your company name or logo.  Recycling instructions such as general waste, recycling, glass or plastic can be printed on the front on the wheeled waste containers.

  • Waste Containers
  • Width: 1,270mm
  • Height: 1,380mm
  • Depth: 1,000mm
  • Each container comes complete with its own galvanised locking post which locks all bins in place.
  • Signage and information panels are also available as optional extras.
  • The Steel Signage Frame is hot dip galvanised to help prevent against rusting.
  • Further details to follow
  • Please click here to see the current warranty for the 1100Ltr Powder Coated Waste Containers.
  • The 1100Ltr Powder Coated Containers are manufactured to EN 840 European Standard.
  • The containers are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified production facility.
  • Containers manufactured since 2005 comply with the EN 14803 weighing & i.d. standard.
  • Containers are hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 after manufacture.
  • All powder coated products supplied conforms to the relevant parts of BS 6497.