Backflow Prevention Valve

Product Code: 353-A


Flood damage can prove very expensive and prevention is far more cost-effective. This economically priced EN certified backflow valve prevents backflow into residential and commercial premises via the drain systems, toilets or sewers.

The Sturdy Backflow Valve can be installed in horizontal sewage pipes within the building or in manholes/access chambers outside the building.

The valves come in sizes to fit pipes at 110mm (4″), 160mm (6″) and 200mm (8″).

The economically priced valves are EN certified and meet UK regulation BS EN13564-1:2002.

The faceplate’s guard and gasket are designed to protect against damage by rodents and block their entry.

The Sturdy Backflow Valve has a smooth interior surface to prevent any sediment collection and to ensure smooth flow.

The valves feature a locking lever to manually close the valve in both directions. To service, the stainless steel screws are simply removed giving access to the flap and gasket.

Sturdy Products supply the 110mm (4″) Version as standard but other sizes can be supplied if required.

  • 110mm (4″) Overall Length: 287mm X Overall Width: 188mm X Overall Height: 210mm (Weight: 0.88kg)
  • 160mm (6″) Overall Length: 318mm X Overall Width: 202mm X Overall Height: 228mm (Weight: 1.89kg)
  • 200mm (4″) Overall Length: 480mm X Overall Width: 311mm X Overall Height: 328mm (Weight: 3.60kg)
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  • This container is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 Certified production unit.