Sturdy Super Road Guard Barrier

Product Code: 409-A


The Sturdy Super Road Guard Barrier is the ultimate in function and convenience. The Super Road Guard is specifically designed for use on main road division. Its extra height of 1100mm helps prevent headlight dazzle from on-coming traffic in opposite lanes. It is a safer and a more practical alternative to posts or cones. It is also more convenient than concrete or steel barriers as no heavy lifting equipment is needed. The Super Road Guard Barrier has a low centre of gravity and can be filled with water to ‘anchor’ it in place. Holes are strategically placed to prevent the barrier being overfilled and becoming too heavy to be manually handled. Unique stacking features help during transportation and storage. Forklift slots allow for lifting of stacked units. Each Super Road Guard Barrier weights less than the recommended manual handling load and can be easily arranged by just one person. 100 units give 200 linear meters, which can be delivered to site on one 40ft trailer. Removing the large rubber cap on the top of the Super Road Guard Barrier allows each unit to be filled with ease. A smaller rubber cap is located at the bottom of each unit to allow it to be emptied without the need to tip it over. The unit is manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene and is 100% recyclable. The system is effective in all weather conditions. The UV stabilised polyethylene plastic will not discolour in sunlight.

The Super Road Guard Barrier is ideal for traffic re-routing, building and construction sites, temporary road closures, car parks, contra flow systems, airport/ferry terminals, sports or special events and footpath detours.

It is available in a range of colours.

As an optional extra your company name or logo can be printed on the side of the Super Road Guard Barrier to help promote your company. Each unit has a panel for customer signage. Also Class 2 reflective warning signs can be applied.

  • Length: 2,430 mm (2m road coverage)
  • Height: 1085 mm
  • Width: 660 mm
  • The Super Road Guard Barrier is manufactured from UV Stabilised Medium Density Polyethylene.
  • The U.V. Stabiliser has a rating of 12 (i.e. Heat Stabileesd, Good Colour Retention, and Long Life Expectancy).
  • The colour is dry-blended into the material.
  • The Road Guard Barrier has a 6″ opening on top to allow water to be filled and it has a 1.25″ outlet at the bottom to allow for drainage. These openings are protected with removeable rubber plugs.
  • Each barrier can accommodate roadworks warning lights.
  • Barriers can be personalised on request as an optional extra.
  • The standard colours are Red and White but other colours are available on request.
  • Further details to follow
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  • The Super Road Guard Barrier is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 Certified production unit.
  • Sturdy Products Ltd is currently in the process of upgrading from an ISO 9001:2000 to the new 9001:2008 standard.
  • We will post our new certificate on our website upon receipt. Please bear with us while we make this change.