Hydro-Store Rainwater Harvesting System

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In the eco-friendly world of today water has become a key environmental issue and with the impending introduction of charges for its use, it is vital that we conserve this natural resource. Approximately 45% of water usage in Irish households is used in showers, baths and for consumption. The other 55% of water consumption does not need to be of the same quality as potable water. If rain water is used for washing clothes, flushing toilets and watering gardens, it is possible to conserve potable water, while also reducing water charges.

The Hydro-Store Rainwater Harvesting System is ideal for domestic use where space is at a premium. The rainwater tank’s low profile design along with the integrated columns gives it excellent load bearing strength. Its low profile means that it does not need to be buried as deep and the excavation can be completed by hand digging.

The complete system includes: Rainwater CollectionTank (or above ground tank), Rain Water Butt, Downpipe Filter/Diverter, Submersible Pump, Pressure Vessel and Float Valve.

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  • The Hydro-Store Rainwater Harvesting System consists of the the following:
  • Hydro-Store Underground Rainwater Collection Tank
  • Downpipe Filter/Diverter
  • Water Butt
  • Submersible Pump
  • Mains Water Float Valve
  • Pressure Vessel
  • A professional plumber should be used to install all parts of this system.
  • Approved piping should be used for all pipework.
  • All pipework should have a 1″ internal diameter. Sturdy Products does not supply pipework.
  • While it is designed for strength, the Hydro-Store Tank should be handled with care and buried in an area of your dwelling where traffic is low, with a good sand base.
  • Although it can be placed anywhere between the Hydro-Store Water Tank and your attic tank, we would recommend that the pressure vessel be placed beside your attic tank for convenience.
  • A ballcock valve is supplied on each tank to control the incoming harvested rainwater.
  • Occasional checks on all equipment should be carried out to ensure the system operates efficiently.
  • Further details to follow
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  • The Hydro-Store Rainwater Harvesting Tank is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 Certified production unit.